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Conflict diamonds can enter the trade when rebels smuggle the diamonds across the bordersinto "conflict-free" zones where they are sold to the international market. from Amnesty

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The value of “conflict diamonds” as a percentage of total production is small—only fourpercent by the industry’s estimates and slightly higher by some other estimates. Halland several NGOs—including Amnesty International USA and Christian humanitarian group

Diamond industry fails to clean up its act Amnesty .

Amnesty International. Enough Project. Global Witness. Human Rights Watch. IMPACT.Background. The Kimberley Process’s narrow definition of a conflict diamond is one of themajor loopholes of the certifi ion scheme meaning that it does not address the much

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Amnesty International USA’s Day of Action on Conflict Diamonds on 18 September 2004 whenAmnesty members visited US stores across the country to ask about their policies tocombat conflict diamonds. The advisory stated that “it is imperative to respond promptly

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amnesty international usa human rights edu ion program In-text: Companion Curriculumto Blood Diamond n.d. Your Bibliography: n.d. Companion Curriculum To Blood Diamond .1st ed. ebook AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL USA HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION PROGRAM.

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This website was created to raise awareness of a drastic issue: the illicit immoral andinhumane practice of blood diamond production and the treatment of its miners.

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A 2004 Amnesty International survey found that 83 percent of U.S. jewelers say theircustomers "rarely or never" inquire about the source of diamonds. A similarstudy in 2007 found that 56 percent of jewelers do not even have an auditing procedure in

New survey shows US jewelry retailers are not doing enough .

"Americans buy half of the diamond jewelry sold worldwide-$33 billion a year in U.S.sales" said Larry Cox executive director of Amnesty International USA. "Wefeel that this industry has an obligation-and consumers should demand-that the diamonds

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“The Global Diamond Report 2013: Journey through the Value Chain.” Global Diamond Report2013: Journey through the Value Chain. Bain and Company 27 Aug. 2013. Web. 07 Dec. 2015.“Conflict Diamonds.” Amnesty International USA. Amnesty International USA n.d. Web. 07

Why the Blood Diamond Trade Won’t Die · Causes

Amnesty International USA Did Someone Die for That Diamond? Some diamonds have helpedfund devastating civil wars in Africa destroying the lives of millions. Conflictdiamonds are those sold in order to fund armed conflict and civil war. Profits from the

New Campaign Hits & 39;Conflict Diamonds& 39; - JCK

Mona Cadena an organizer with Amnesty International USA said in mid-December that thegroup would ask activists throughout the country to go armed with leaflets to local mallsduring the Christmas shopping season. The leaflets asked consumers to speak to their

Conflict Diamonds or Illicit Diamonds: Should the .

Conflict Diamonds or Illicit Diamonds: Should the Difference Matter to the KimberleyProcess Certifi ion Scheme ENGUSA20070222002 quoting Larry Cox executive director ofAmnesty International USA . NATURAL RESOURCES JOURNAL. Diamonds also show up in popular

Thousands Of Carats Of Blood Diamonds May Be Set To Hit .

Amnesty International called on the government of CAR as well as bigger players in thediamond trade to make sure no company could profit from conflict diamonds as well asaddressing other concerns through the supply chain in the diamond industry.

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International advocacy NGOs such as Global Witness and Amnesty International are at theforefront of stemming the flow of conflict diamonds. Relationships between corporationsand NGOs in this capacity gradually developed from adversarial to collaborative. Global

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A UN Panel of Experts in its report of April 2001 said that ”the conflict in the DRC has become mainly about access control and trade of five key mineral resources: coltandiamonds copper cobalt and gold.” Amnesty International estimates that thousands

UK: New survey - Amnesty International

A new survey of UK diamond jewellery retailers released today 29 May by AmnestyInternational UK and Global Witness reveals that many leading UK retailers still do nothave effective policies in place to help British consumers avoid conflict diamonds.

Consumers Should Demand Conflict-Free Diamonds This .

Global Witness was co-nominated for the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize for its leading work onconflict diamonds and awarded the Gleitsman Foundation prize for international activismin May 2005. Amnesty International is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning grassroots activist

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Amnesty International and Global Witness November 7 2004 A survey released in Octoberby Amnesty International and Global Witness reveals that almost two years after thediamond industry committed itself to a system of selfregulation to prevent the trade in

Companies Must Not Profit From Blood Diamonds in the .

Before the conflict diamonds represented half the country’s exports. “If companies havebought blood diamonds they must not be allowed to profit from them” said Lucy GrahamLegal Adviser in Amnesty International’s Business and Human Rights Team.

Hall Leads & 39;Conflict Diamond& 39; Rally - JCK

rep. tony hall d-ohio and amnesty international usa staged an anti-conflict-diamondrally and press conference in front of cartier in new york in october the beginning ofwhat hall says will be a campaign designed to inform consumers about the issue."we

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Amnesty International has examined three specific points in the global diamond supplychain starting with diamonds in the Central African Republic CAR moving to two ofCAR’s neighbours into which some of its diamonds are smuggled and ending at diamond

Companies must not profit from blood diamonds Amnesty .

The Central African Republic’s CAR biggest traders have purchased diamonds worthseveral million dollars without adequately investigating whether they financed armedgroups responsible for summary executions rape enforced disappearances and widespread

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Information concerning the topic of Blood diamonds.

Conflict Diamonds · Causes

Conflict diamonds are those sold in order to fund armed conflict and civil war. Profitsfrom the trade in conflict diamonds worth billions of dollars were used by warlords andrebels to buy arms during the devastating wars in Angola the Democratic Republic of

What Does Your Cell Phone Have to Do with Armed Conflict?

Amnesty International USA and Public Citizen which provided us with pro bono counsel are celebrating a human rights victory: a federal district court upheld the U.S.Securities and Exchange Commission’s “conflict minerals rule” requiring corporations

Blood Diamonds: What They Are and How To Avoid Them

Blood diamonds have ebbed and flowed into the market over the years however. During the1980s at the peak of the trade an estimated 19% of all diamond production was tied toconflict. Conflict diamond production rates then hovered around 15% during the mid-1990s

Blood Diamonds are still a reality - Amnesty International

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL External Document Blood Diamonds are still a reality Conflict orblood diamonds fuel conflict civil wars and human rights abuses. They have beenresponsible for funding recent conflicts in Africa which resulted in the death and

Amnesty warns of conflict diamond stockpile in C.Africa

Amnesty International on Wednesday called on the Central African Republic to confis eand sell diamonds amassed by traders worth millions that could be fuelling militiaviolence and child labour. Huge stockpiles of possible conflict diamonds could end up on

Time for diamond companies to stop . - Amnesty International

Diamond companies must stop using the Kimberley Process to claim that their diamonds arefree from human rights abuses and conflict Amnesty International said as thecertifi ion scheme holds its annual plenary in Luanda Angola.

Oil Gas and Mining Industries – Amnesty International USA

Extracting Resources. Fueling Abuses. Oil gas and mining industry operations too oftengo hand in hand with allegations of human rights abuses. Extracting resources cancontaminate the land water and …

Democratic Republic of Congo - Amnesty International USA

Amnesty International USA has supported legislative efforts such as the ConflictMinerals Trade Act introduced by Congressman Jim McDermott D-WA on November 2009 inthe U.S. House of Representatives which have sought to improve transparency and reduce


-December 6 A press release World Diamond Council Praises Passage of UN Measure toFight Conflict Diamonds D.C. with leaders of WorldVision Amnesty International/USAand Physicians for Human Rights and staff from the Congressional office of Tony Hall. All

Conflict diamonds : hearing before the Subcommittee on .

Get this from a library Conflict diamonds : hearing before the Subcommittee on Trade ofthe Committee on Ways and Means House of Representatives One Hundred Seventh Congressfirst session October 10 2001.. United States. Congress. House. Committee on Ways and

& 39;Blood Diamonds& 39; Still Sold by U.S. Retailers Common .

WASHINGTON D.C. - Major U.S. and international retailers that sell diamond jewelry arefailing to follow through on promises to prevent the trade in so-called & 39;conflictdiamonds& 39; that have fueled civil war and violence in several African nations

Ex-Liberian President Who Brought "Blood Diamonds" Into .

These diamonds came to be known as “blood diamonds” or “conflict diamonds” because everyarmed group involved in the war in Sierra Leone used the proceeds from the trade and saleof diamonds to buy weapons and munitions that left approximately 75000 civilians dead

NGO Opinions and Initiatives on Diamonds in Conflict

Amnesty International Global Witness and other NGOs active in stopping the proliferationof "conflict diamonds" deem the decision in the World Diamond Congress as agood first step. Yet there is a long road ahead.

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Witness GW and Amnesty International USA AI USA 2007 survey evaluating the US diamondjewelry retail sector’s implementation of a self-regulation to combat blood diamonds andto support the Kimberley Process the government-run international diamond certifi ion

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Want your diamonds conflict-free? Ask to see their guarantee. Is the US diamond industrydoing enough to end the trade in conflict diamonds? In 2004 Global Witness and AmnestyInternational conducted a survey of diamond jewelers to see if they were living up to

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